It is a surgical technique whose advantages are: High accuracy, less postoperative pain, faster recovery and reduced infection rate.
The aim is to improve and accelerate the healing process of different pathologies and, in many cases, to avoid a surgical procedure.
Diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to sports. Its aim is to return the injured athlete to the previous level, as soon as possible.
Specialist Sports Traumatology. He is the only Spanish surgeon with the official North American Super Specialty arthroscopy and sports traumatology shoulder and elbow surgery combined. Areas of special interest: Sports Medicine. Arthroscopic surgery of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot and minimally invasive surgery.
This section is dedicated to share relevant scientific knowledge, where you can find different clinic cases' videos. Moreover, there is a part to encourage professional collaboration, to develop research protocols and interchange important information between professionals.
This is an exclusive area dedicated to Dr. Emilio Lopez-Vidriero´s patients. Where you will find specific information about your medical treatment and surgical procedure. Also you will find rehabilitation protocols, both pre and postoperatively.
This section contains information about the latest events where the doctor has participated, videos and photos of Dr. López-Vidriero.
Here you will find different treatment options such as Infiltrations with different substances (PRP, Hyaluronic acid, ozone), Rehabilitation (acupuncture, shock wave therapy, EPI) and Orthotics (CPM machine, walkers, insoles) available in ISMEC.
ISMEC International Sports Medicine Clinic.
C/ Arjona 10, Bajo 5 y 6.
TLF: 955 119 627 / 628 400 710
CP 41001 Sevilla

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