The goal is to cure the patient and return them to their activity.

For this reason, we offer a personalized treatment, understanding the needs of each patient based on our extensive experience, both in decision making and in the application of the different therapeutic, surgical and non-surgical options. We offer individualized treatment, involving the patient in their healing process with the aim of reaching their pre-injury status as soon as possible, and even improving it.


The most avant-garde methods in order to obtain the best result as fast as possible.

We have all the necessary technology in order to offer our patients the best healing possibilities, to optimize it and to accelerate it if necessary.


Application of medicines in the least invasive manner and with great precision thanks to echography. It controls the pain in an immediate way if anesthesics are used and it helps in the healing process if regenerative therapies are used.

Regenerative therapies

Optimization of healing through plasm rich in proteins with growth factors or with stem cells. High precision with an echographic application.

Intracompartmental pressures

It allows the diagnosis of chronical compartmental syndromes in an athlete and thus it allows healing.

Shock waves

Mechanical non-invasive therapy which accelerates healing of tendinous and muscular injuries.

Invasive physiotherapy

Intratissue electrolysis, neuromodulation and dry puncture. Minimally invasive treatments, under doctor’s prescription, and with anesthesia if needed. Highly precise thanks to echographical control.

What makes us different?

ISMEC offers all its patients a real personalized treatment, due to the quality of care, the specialization of their equipment, punctuality, efficiency, empathy and honesty. We are a highly specialized multidisciplinary team. We have a proven scientifically efficient technology. All of team members are certified in their specialty and we have all the necessary licenses to practice our services.

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